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"People helping people to help children and families in the community through technology and services."
Welcome to Sunflower-Humphreys Counties Progress, Inc.

We are a Community Action Agency dedicated to providing quality service to our community through a diverse selection of programs that empower our community. We believe in people helping people; therefore, we offer programs designed to assist, educate, and improve our community. We provide education through Head Start, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and GED preparation. We have several programs designed to aid and employ senior citizens including Senior Companion and Aging. We offer meals through USDA to Head Start and child care facilities in several sorrounding counties. We offer a list of other programs like LIHEAP and CANS that are designed to help combat poverty.

"The Organization is committed to taking actions in empowering children, families, and community of Sunflower and Humphreys Counties through all programs."

Head StartCommunity Action Partnership

Programs We Offer

Head Start - is a national program which provides comprehensive development services for low-income families, children with disabilities and over income families, for children ages three to five and social services for their families. For more information click here.

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) - Under the direction of the Division of Community Services (MDHS), this program is designed to provide comprehensive services to income elible clients. These services include employment, education, case management, consumer planning, rental assistance, emergency assistance and self sufficiency. LIHEAP ensures that low income households are able to offset the high cost of energy demands. This is accomplished through use of direct energy assistance awards.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) - is comprised of three (3) key areas: In-School, Out-of School (GRADS) and Senior SELECT. In-school provides basic skill and promotes good work habits for age 16-18. Out-of-School (GRADS) program enables twenty (20) eligible 16-21 year olds to receive teh skills necessary to obtain their GED and a job. Senior SELECT provides participants year round learning and work experience. The participants are paid for classroom attendance and community service work projects more...

USDA - Under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), this program provides breakfast, lunch, and snack to Head Start Centers and day care sites in Sunflower, Washington, Humphreys, Leflore, and Holmes counties.

Senior Companion - employees sixty-two (62) senior citizens age sixty and older to provide assistance and friendship to elderly individuals who are home bound and living alone.

AGING - Title V Senior Employment, Title IIIB Homemaker, Medicaid Waiver, Transportation, Title III-C Congregrate Meals, and Title XX Home Delivered Meals are the services provided with our Aging programs. These services enable seniors age fifty-five (55) and older to achieve gainful employment and receive much needed nutritious meals.